How to install an FTP server

  • For the server I used my media server, a Windows XP machine that I leave switched on 24/7. I assigned it a static IP address because the phones expect a numeric address for the boot server. For the FTP software I used Cerberus, which is free to individuals.
  • Download and run the install program, then
    1. Click on the Users icon and set up a New user called PlcmSpIp with a password of PlcmSpIp. This is the default user name and password pre-programmed into the phone. Note the second letter is a lower case L and the seventh is an upper case i.
    2. Change the value of “Simple Directories” to TRUE
    3. Click on the button and navigate to the directory you will be putting the IP650 boot files into
    4. Click on Assign Root. I made a new directory called “Polycom” for this.
    5. Assign Download, Upload, Rename and Delete permissions by clicking on the directory name in the tree-view pane on the left.
  • It installed and ran OK except for two glitches:
    1. The phone couldn’t log in using the default name/password of PlcmSpIp/PlcmSpIp. This was because I had configured name/password in the Cerberus FTP server Users dialog as PlcmSplp/PlcmSplp. I couldn’t see the difference because a lower case L and an upper case i look exactly the same both on the IP650 screen and in the font I was using on the PC.
    2. The phone couldn’t find the files in the default directory. This is because by default the Cerberus FTP server’s “Virtual Root” feature is enabled, and you can’t store files in the virtual root. It was fixed in the Cerberus User Manager dialog by changing the configuration for the user named PlcmSpIp to Simple Directories: TRUE.
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