How to set the time server with the phone’s web interface

  1. Find your phone’s IP address: on the phone, press the Menu key, then 2 (Status), 2 (Network), 1 (TCP/IP Parameters). The first line shows the IP address.
  2. Start your PC browser (for example Internet Explorer) and put the address of the phone into the address field: or whatever it is.
  3. The browser requests a user name and password. Use Polycom for the user name and 456 as the password.
  4. A menu appears in the PC browser window. Select “General,” then “Time”
  5. In the SNTP Server field put There are several pools – use the one appropriate for your region – see
  6. Set your time zone in the GMT Offset field. The value is in hours. Select from the drop-down list to set it. I am in US Central Time, which is GMT-6.
  7. Click on the “Submit” button. The phone reboots.
  8. A couple of minutes later the phone screen says Welcome, then with any luck shows the right date and time.

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