iPhone thirty to fifty times better than other phones?

Owners of iPhones know that web browsing on the iPhone is a completely different animal than on any other cell phone. How different? Well, it would appear to be thirty to fifty times different.

Thirty times is difference in data usage between iPhone users and others on the T-Mobile network in Germany, according to Unstrung.

Fifty times is the difference in the number of Google searches by iPhone users compared to others according to Google.

One Reply to “iPhone thirty to fifty times better than other phones?”

  1. I like Apple. I am convinced they even use their own products ;-). I tried to find an explanation to these iPhone numbers and I am still puzzled.

    Of course ergonomics must play a big part. On the other hand the reason I don’t use my PocketPC phone to browse and is not ergonomics related. Costs and slow speed are the main reasons. And I never bought my PocketPC phone to access the WEB.

    I’d like to submit a theory. What if iPhone users belong to an early adopter class? Is it possible that iPhone users mainly bought their phone to access the WEB? Would this theory explain the numbers?

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