White Space update from TV Technology.com

Robin Berger of TVTechnology.com has written a good summary of the current (9th April 2008) state of White Spaces. She details the status of device testing at the OET and the recent proposal by Google on spectrum sensing, noting that Google’s embracing of geolocation puts them at odds with the rest of the Wireless Innovation Alliance.

She lists the main advocacy groups on each side of the issue, and summarizes their positions. Among the people apparently interviewed for the article are Stu Overby, Motorola’s senior director of Global Spectrum Strategy, Ed Thomas of the White Spaces Coalition and Ahren Hartman, Shure’s director of Platform Engineering. Also quoted in the article are David Donovan of the MSTV and statements from the NAB and the Broadway League, which is interested in wireless microphones.

In the discussion of the testing, the article covers the wireless microphone issue in depth, with an interview with Ahren Hartman.

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